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Choosing a name for a baby boy generally comes down to three schools of thought: will it be a unique baby name, a popular baby boy name or will your son be named in tribute to someone past or present in your life?

Choosing Baby Boy Names

When choosing a name for a baby boy, new parents often look to the familiar – past or present – and at the word that surrounds them to find suitable inspiration in naming their son. For the very familiar, they may turn to family, sourcing an enduringly popular boy name that as carried through the males of the family for generations. Or they may choose a boy name that pays homage to someone who has long been an integral to their lives. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, it will need to be a name that endures and can be carried with pride.

Popular Baby Boy Names

Popular boy names are usually popular in two ways, derived of pop (or popular) culture, or having endured through centuries. Popular baby boy names like Alexander, Adam, Noah and Elijah date back to biblical times. Others popular boy names such as Robert or William can be sourced back to the Norman Conquest. Often, popular names through history are culturally born and steeped in centuries of tradition.

Baby boy names popular in pop culture are, while often derived of monikers also centuries old, tend to be thought of as more current, such as Logan, Mason and Liam – an abbreviation of William. Boy names derived of pop culture while thought to be modern, unique or unusual can very often be sourced back to cultural roots, as with the names of sons that have come from generations before.

2019 Baby Boy Names

Like births themselves, baby names, whether a name for a boy or a girl, are recorded, so it is relatively easy to track boy names across years. The 2019 boy names that were popular, were also likely the 2018 boy names that were popular, that were also the most popular 2017 boy names. Names tend to come in and out of fashion generationally as opposed to annually, meaning the most popular 2020 boy names are relatively easy to pick right now.

Of course, a hit movie can elevate the popularity of a name, such as Logan from the X-Men franchise and similarly, names can fall out of fashion fast such as a certain dictator from World War II whose names does not bear repeating.

And while names are also popular, they frequently cross cultures. John is Juan. Wilhelm is William. And Christofer is Christopher. As with culture, language plays a role. Striking similarities for baby boy names from Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK exist. As do names from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Cuba. As do names from France, Belgium and Quebec, Canada.

No matter whether you choose a boy name that is cool, cute, distinct, unique, aspirational, generational, unusual, masculine or modern, the name you ultimately choose for your son is one she will grow into. If not, rest assured, a nickname, moniker, truncation, appellation or sobriquet by any other name will just as easily get the job done.

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